Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Catching up on the New Year

I'm writing this mostly for myself, adding reports as I feel the need, as I know I will forget most of what has happend in my life over time.  Since adding the Painted Bunting as Ontario species 292, I have been to Arizona, Algonquin Park and now am back in Florida for my fourth season of Spring Birding.

This was seventh trip to Arizona for birding since April of 2012 and I was able to add 15 new species for the state, but only one Lifer, the Williamson's Sapsucker.  However, it was really Sue's chance to once again pass me on the Life List, as the majority of these western birds were new for her.  She has rightfully taken the lead in this "friendly" competition, with 839 to my 799.  However, I finally got photographs of Montezuma Quail, in two different locations, and once again found the Elegant Trogan in Patagonia Lake State Park.  We saw 124 species in 6 days, visited Tombstone, saw thousands of Sandhill Cranes and a Barn Owl at Whitewater Draw, and Sue saw the Sinaola Wren I had seen last year.  I missed it this time.


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